Santa Lucía

Country Cuba
Local Hour 3:33 AM
Time 29°C
Currency Peso Cubano
Language Español
Habitants 10500 Habitantes

General Information

Playa Santa Lucía, is a place blessed by nature, which stretches for 22 kilometers from Punta de Ganado to Playa Los Cocos, the latter area highly appreciated for the length of its strip of sand and the feeling of privacy it provides. It has an extensive coral reef, the second largest on the planet after Australia, and the largest in the western hemisphere; that turns it into a gigantic swimming pool. In front of the beach and at distances ranging between 200 and 1500 meters, an original spectacle can be seen: a long strip of coral breaking the waves as if it were another shore. Between the barrier and the coastline, the sea reaches depths of up to 3 meters. Corals allow the preservation of a great variety of fish and an enviable marine flora for underwater diving and surface fishing. Another of the virtues of Santa Lucía is to have conserved the largest population of pink flamingos in the Caribbean in its surroundings and nearby keys. One of the most coveted areas is La Boca, adjacent to the access channel to the Bay of Nuevitas, one of the largest in Cuba. Semi-isolated place, close to a picturesque fishing village.These scenarios were visited by the North American writer Ernest Hemingway aboard the yacht El Pilar, on hunting or fishing trips. Thousands of visitors from other latitudes seek every year this perfect combination of sun, sand and transparent waters to enjoy its benefits.

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Santa Lucía


Playa Santa Lucía has 35 places to dive and has attractions such as: sunken ships, remains of a Spanish fortress from colonial times, numerous fish an

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