Santa Lucía

Country Cuba
Local Hour 9:30 AM
Time 29°C
Currency Peso Cubano
Language Español
Habitants 10500 Habitantes

General Information

Santa Lucía Beach is a marine-coastal ecosystem located 110 km from the city of Camagüey, in the center of the country, an hour and a half away by road. It has a wide beach 21 kilometers long, with the charms of its nature and the presence of seagulls and flamingos. In this wonderful spa conjugate beauty, comfort and water sports. Only 2 km. of the coast is the largest coral reef in Cuba, between the barrier and the coastline, the sea reaches depths of up to 3 meters. The corals preserve a great variety of fish and an enviable marine flora for underwater diving and surface fishing. These scenarios were covered by the American writer Ernest Hemingway aboard the El Pilar yacht, in hunting or fishing trips. Thousands of visitors from other latitudes seek each year this perfect combination of sun, sand and transparent waters for the enjoyment of its benefits.

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