Península de Zapata

Country Cuba
Local Hour 10:23 AM
Temperature 29°C
Currency Peso Cubano
Language Español
Habitants 10500 Habitantes

General Information

The biggest humedal in Cuba and the most significant reserve of Cuban flora and fauna have their space in Península de Zapata National Park, where forests, swamps, abundant vegetation, flooded caves, natural pools and beaches melt into an amazing product for nature lovers. In this natural paradise, Biosphere Reserve, are also located the Lagoon of the Treasure and the hatchery of crocodiles of La Boca, one of the bigger of Iberoamérica. In the Península of Zapata inhabit unique species as the manatee and the manjuarí, both in extinction danger, and birds like The Ferminia (ferminia cerverai) and the gallinuela (cyanolimnas cerverai), there are also sinkholes in whose depths it's possible the spelio-diving and the contemplative diving. You can also visit the Taína Village to enjoy this sculptural complex that will allow you the encounter with Cuban aboriginal history before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. In Península of Zapata you will find an admirable nature environment within reach of the lovers of the ecotourism.

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