Camagüey City

Country Cuba
Local Hour 5:11 AM
Time 29°C
Currency Peso Cubano
Language Español
Habitants 10500 Habitantes

General Information

Camagüey, located 535 km east of the city of Havana, also known as the "City of the Tinajones", since the colonial period has always been among the most important cities on the island, and without a doubt, also among the most beautiful . It has a cultural richness that surrounds the visitor, with its superb bell towers and the elegant longevity of the buildings, which were once the center of the town of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.As you walk through its streets, you can see true architectural marvels of refined Baroque style, mainly its churches, thus its historic center being a labyrinthine web of streets, alleys and squares unparalleled in the Caribbean. It - considered the largest and best preserved on the island - was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.The city of Camagüey is the birthplace of the National Poet of Cuba, Nicolás Guillén, and headquarters of the world famous Camagüey Ballet. There is also the birthplace of Ignacio Agramonte, hero of the first independence struggle; the eminent scientist Carlos J. Finlay, and the poets Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda and Aurelia Castillo.Important artists such as Marta Jiménez, Joel Jover and Ileana Sánchez with their homes, as reference points in the tours of the city, take their works to the street and their galleries are in the main squares of the historic center, where the visitor can reach , take photos and take with you a piece of the good art that is made in the Caribbean island, special features that cannot be easily found in another city.In it, national and international events such as the Fiesta del Tinajón, San Juan Camagüeyano, the Week of Culture, among others, are systematically developed.The city has the Santa Cecilia Convention Center, which offers a high quality service in the realization of any type of event: business, work meetings, symposiums, seminars, scientific events and any other type of meeting, with all guaranteed services, which provides each participant with a lasting experience in a cozy, safe and quiet environment, attended by a courteous, highly qualified and very professional staff. This center has 4 specialized and air-conditioned rooms, in which you can work with more than 300 participants. It has possibilities for photocopying, printing, exhibition spaces and modern equipment for the development of events.Less than 200 meters away are the 7 E hotels of the Cubanacan Group where accommodation can be made in 102 rooms, located in the Historic Center of the city of Camagüey. These hotels are conceptualized in a different way, highlighting the colonial, cultural and heritage features of the city. All are categorized as 4 stars and provide a high quality personalized service. They have wi-fi connection facilities from all areas and rooms, which allows the development of the new trend "Work from Cuba".

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