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Places of Interest

Monumento al Papa Juan Pablo II
Distance from Hotel: 4 KM

It is a bronze statue of Pope John Paul II, 2.20 meters high brought from Rome as a gift from Cardinal Bertone to the Diocese of Santa Clara, under a vaulted roof that represents the Loma del Capiro, historic site of Santa Clara linked to the liberation of this cit...

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Monumento al Tren Blindado.
Distance from Hotel: 1 KM

The Site or Monument to the Action against the Armored Train is emblematic place in the center of Cuba and especially of Santa Clara, located in the Hill of the Capiro to few minutes of the Historical Center. It is composed of five sculptural elements that represen...

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Ciudad de Remedios.
Distance from Hotel: 49 KM
City Downtown

Remedios is a villa for charm and surprise, for tranquility but also for bustle, for History and legends. Known as the Eighth Villa, some claim that it is in fact the third oldest Spanish location in the country. Declared a national monument since 1980, famous for...

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Complejo Monumental Ernesto Che Guevara

Ernesto Che Guevara Monumental Complex, founded on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Santa Clara. It is made up of the Plaza and the Tribune that includes the Monumental Sculptural Complex, the Museum and the Memorial, where the niches that keep...

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